Three days ago, it was Ohna’s 2nd rez day. Ohna was originally intended to be a backup of my first av that I hated. Fourteen days later, I decided to make her the primary av. Some people thought that I was crazy; others thought that it wouldn’t stick. They were all wrong. As Ohna, my Second Life changed for the better.
Also at the time, and over time, I was growing confidence in myself in both lives. The confidence that grew was not done all by me, but the friends I made in Second Life had a hand in it. Second Life in general helped me, in more ways than one. Having a blog helped me discover a style that I was too lazy to do (at least to some extent) in real life. Having friends that believed that I was pretty awesome eventually helped me to see that I am. Those two together eventually made me more open to make friends with similar qualities, and dress in a cute way outside of Second Life. I can go on and on with the other things that changed/improved, but I’ll spare you.
Finally, Ohna might have turned 2, but her chapter in Second Life is done. I’m thankful for the friends that I have made in Second Life and what they have taught me. I will never forget them.
Bio: Ohna is still in Second Life, but is no longer active. She used to blog at http://ohohna.tumblr.com .In real life, her typist is a student that lives in Maryland. (Photos in image credit: Harlow Heslop, Strawberry Singh, Ohna)

3 thoughts on “Ohna

  1. I miss your blogging a lot. But I am happy to see your plurks every once in a while (I know, I should log in more often). You are one of the most beautiful people that I have met in SL, inside and out 🙂

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