Kimbra Iridescent

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Second Life stumbled upon me by the way of a friend. He assured me I would laugh and find it ridiculous. He was completely wrong. For weeks I struggled to figure out how this all worked but it only took a few logins for me to know that I was hooked. This was more than just a video game. I was able to figure a bit of it out and slowly started meeting people that loved music as much as I did. For me, that’s where it all began. I frequented the very few indie clubs in SL at the time and met some amazing people. Most of which I’d never see their face but we had a common ground and I loved that. Eventually, I decided to try a bit of djing myself and found it quite rewarding. I searched far and wide to find the best new music for my friends. It was what I lived and breathed in SL for years. During this time, I met so many wonderful people, none of them I’ll ever forget and most I still talk to in some form or another. One though, stuck out in the crowd to me and we’ve never separated since. For all the positive things SL has given me, he’s definitely the best. My Oculis Sorbet. We married in RL, January 2011 and I couldn’t imagine life without him.


My RL changed in so many ways that January; I suppose remaining the same in SL wasn’t even an option to me. It took several months to rediscover what I wanted in this world and then I began looking at all those old photographs I took, why wouldn’t I use them? Blogging became my passion. Of course I sucked at first and I’m not saying I’m all that good now but it’s something that I can always look back at and remember. Along my journey, I’ve met some of my best friends and without that SL wouldn’t mean anything to me. ❤

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Bio: In RL I’m a mother, devoted wife, forever friend and nurse. In SL, I’m pretty much exactly the same.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.


2 thoughts on “Kimbra Iridescent

  1. You’re an amazing person and I’m so happy I met you! You did a wonderful job with your write up! I ❤ the pics you chose for this too. The pinwheel one was always a fave of mine!

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