Satine Sabra


Oh dear … I’m afraid, afraid of being wrong or being next to the plate because this is my specialty …
So start from the beginning ok?
I’m Satine Sabra and on Second Life I had 4 years old on Feb. 4. In real life my name is Rachel and today it is my birthday and I celebrate my 27 years but as I told my friends, I stopped at 25! So it’s 25 not 27 candles on my cake. I love my friends.
Few of my friends know that I’m on SL because they would not understand, they already find that weird that I still playing Sims 3 at my age. But one of my friends is currently on SL is moreover the only one and besides it’s my roommate!
So how my journey started on SL? Well, say that it happened by chance. One day I was seeking objects for sims, I saw an ad on the side of my Google page saying “The Sims Online”. I clicked and I fell on the Second Life homepage .  Well, at first I was not too excited about,  understand, an online game with other people, a second life where everything is possible (or almost). For a whole week I thought about until one day a TV show talked about the new virtual worlds, I heard about the Second Life again. And then I said, “Hey, why not? It could be fun. »I signed up and thus my adventure began.


As everybody, I started as a noob with a basic avatar and not really beautiful. But I have been lucky, a few days after I arrived in this world, I met the woman who would become my sister SL, my best friend: Excess Lemmon. She was in a tribute band called “The Avistars” whose headquarters was at the “end of the world” café. She introduced me to everyone and I was hired. She showed me where to find freebie, lucky chairs and how to enhance the look of my avatar. She took me under her wing, she taught me everything. This girl is an angel of patience. This is also how I won my first lindens dollars. But as a shopaholic, I always needed more money so I have also worked as a dancer in a cabaret. If I recall correctly it was called “Pandora’s Folly” or something like that.
So I started to have an avatar rather nice looking and well dressed. The café closed due to people a bit too opportunistic and therefore Exy created “The Catz whiskers” which was another tribute band. A great time and when I look back it still gives me tears in my eyes. And then thing leading to needle I learned (forever because of my best friend) how to build and create things in SL. I got a shop but I did not find it enough gifted to continue. This is rather strange because in real life, I am a peerless seamstress , I create my own things and clothes. SL but who knows, I pedal in semolina when it comes to build.


I also attended several RPs, RP were mostly  about Harry Potter. Within these RP I met people who became my friends, some were friends and became enemies because of their lies. Because if there is something I hate more than Mondays, this is a lie. I can handle the Drama Queens, but not liars. I can say that I suffered a lot on SL, but it is still to me a loophole to my real life when this one gets too crazy.What I love about SL is that sense of community, no matter where you are in the world, when you are on SL you belong to a world apart away from all the madness of the real world. Of course, there will always be rotten fruits to ruin your life, but you know that you can always count on a loyal friend when you have need to talk. And that is great! With a simple mouse click, you will leave this life for another. Whenever I make a new acquaintance, I think there is someone behind its screen which makes the same thing as me right now. Moreover, at the very time that I am typing this text, my roommate (and friend about SL too) takes pictures on my lot (a platform in the sky) for the next post which will soon be on his blog.
Finally, I wanted to talk about my last experience: The blog.
I wanted to start my own blog after having for a long time, visited the blogs of some particularly gifted, such as Strawberry Singh, Elysium Hynes, Harlow Heslop and Juicy Littlething to name a few. because there are so many other bloggers whom I love that the list would be long. But it is their talent, their desire to share their tips, which pushed me to me to have my own blog.
All that I hope is of always want to connect even when I would be too old for this. I hope to continue to meet other people, to laugh, and above all to always have fun. And this for many years to come.


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