Shiloh Selene (Barbie Glas)


Let’s set the record straight… I referred to myself as an “undomestic goddess” eons before Sophie Kinsella put out that book (the book was aces by the way, a great fluffy read).  I knew that I was destined for goddess-dom at age 5 when I refused to wear trendy little sneakers out to play, like the other little girls. Oh no, not me! I was…a goddess! And, what do 5 year old goddesses wear? Why patent leather mary jane’s of course!  I’m simply appalled that you even have to ask.

Oh those shoes… I simply adored them, so shiny, so… prissy and left fabulously large black marks when you kicked the wall in anger or frustration (or so I’ve heard)! Me with my bouncy ringlet pigtails, and my frilly little dresses prancing about the neighborhood simply refusing to get dirty.  Picture Scarlette O’Hara as a little girl and you’ll have the perfect image of a childhood me floating in your head.

Sure, I was different from the other kids who were all to happy to be digging around in the sandbox getting sand and gunk stuck their shoes (and underpants ugh!) but I was ok with that, and so were my friends (even though I was prone to bouts of wall kicking).  I was kind, accepting, loathed injustice and was fiercely loyal.  Because of those things, they accepted me for the future undomestic goddess that I was.  I had a good life. After all, that’s what life’s all about isn’t it? Friends and building relationships.


I humbly say, though at times I have been world weary and circumstances have tried to get the best of me on far too many an occasion (due to my overly trusting nature), I’ve not let the world change me; inside as a person I am still the same.  I would think that my friends in both RL and SL would say that I am kindhearted, and I am still accepting and try to celebrate the differences in others.  I am still fiercely loyal, even more so in my adult years. I won’t stand for injustice or irresponsibility, it eats away at our generation like a festering sore. But most importantly –  I love.  BOY do I love.  When I am invested in something or someone, I put my whole heart into it with the hopes that the old saying ” you give what you get” will kick in. Sometimes it does, and sometimes not. Life’s a crapshoot that way.

As we grow older it is said we grow wiser and in the grand scheme of things I would tend to agree; but every once in a while, when I am feeling particularly put out, I find myself wishing I still had those little black patent leather beauties  so I could leave a few black marks on my wall.

BIO: Shiloh Selene can be found at Unapologetic Second Life Fashion Blog and the creator of 50 Shades of Sexy Challenge


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