Chance Raynier

Today, April 30th 2013 is my 40th birthday!  It is also doubly special for me because 2 years ago on this day, I asked Gabriella to marry me.  So indulge me in taking you on a journey, one of sorrow, happiness, joy and pain, but most importantly, hope and love. I remember the first days […]

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Synful Ghost

April 29, 2013 is my Fourth Rez Day. I still remember to this day how I got started on Second life.  My best friend, Brawen Larsen and I were chatting on a game called Furcadia. She kept telling me about this game where we could actually be furries and that I could become a lapine! […]

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Lourdes Denimore

“When someone shows you who they are believe them… and believe them the first time.” Years ago I heard this quote from Maya Angelou and I’ve found that throughout my life it has resonated. In Second Life it has come to mind more so, because I am a more social creature in this virtual world […]

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Willow Zander

Today is my eldest child’s 13th birthday.  I am the owner of a teenager?! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?   I started Second Life when she was merely a toddler, well ok a bit older. I am 9 years old next month.. that’s… old.  I have seen many things come, many things go, many things change, many things […]

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Nikki Wildmist

In the height of my Second Life addiction, I used to lie to people about what I did on Friday night…. “Oh me? I just hung around home, watched a chick flick, couple of wine’s ya know – just relaxed…”. But, in my mind I hadn’t stayed home. In my mind I was out partying […]

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Grace Kangjon

Second Life has been a whirlwind from my very first night when I bought my first shape and wore it in a box for a few hours!  I had heard about Second Life on a morning radio show and they were discussing cheating spouses who had have emotional/virtual affairs; I could not imagine how they […]

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Keliah Angelis

It’s 2:23 pm on the nose for me as I write this. I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to write anything at all, or if I did, I’d do it when I was happier with life and would have some uplifting story to tell everyone. Well, I don’t.  In fact, while being 2:23 […]

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