Kaelyn Alecto

Ohai, my name is Kaelyn Alecto and in real life I go by the name of Sylvia. I am a 29 years old, very proud mom from The Netherlands.

My Second Life adventure started on February 20, 2010. I watched a special on Second Life the day before on Discovery channel and I got curious.

I rezzed in some Fairytale land and started my Second life as a cute little fairy.  I couldn’t wait to learn how to change my appearance and with the help of random people I found my way into some big clubs where I made my very first good friends and learned all about shopping and styling up the pixels.
I wanted to earn lindens so I could shop more so I became a dancer/host and learned that some of the other dancers had blogs. I have had several RL blogs so blogging was not a new to me concept. I thought it would be fun to combine my Second Life and RL adventures into a blog and http://kaelynalecto.wordpress.com was born.
My RL at the time was so stressfull trying to handle being a mom, a student and a nurse.  Second Life became my escape. A place to relax and to use as my creative outlet. But most important I found Second Life to be this amazing place to connect with people who I would have never got a chance to meet in RL. Different countries, difference religions, different ideas, habits but all making time out of their RL to play with these pixels in a virtual world. I find it amazing how you can truly connect with people, even without ever seeing their real face or hearing their voice. Words and the use of imagination can be a powerful thing.
Seeing so many bloggers use amazing pictures, I got inspired to try harder and do better at my pictures. I learned it was more easy to focus on a blog if it was just RL or just SL so I made a new blog for my Second Life adventures.  This is where http://www.sweetsexycrazy.com was born.   I had so much fun taking pics that it soon became my most favorite thing to do in Second Life.  I met more and more other bloggers and photographers and was told to join this social network called Plurk. It took me awhile to get used to it but once I got the hang of it, Plurk became a true addiction. People sharing about RL and SL moments, good and bad. It felt like a good place to express yourself and to connect with many other Second Life users.
This year I felt I wanted a new challenge.  I have always loved exploring the many wonderful sims that Second Life offers. A very dear friend of mine was always working on his sim, and used it as his way of dealing with RL stress.  It was inspiring to see his sim get more and more beautiful each day. I kept telling myself I could never do that, or have the patience for it so I just pushed the idea away. Unfortunately he left SL to focus on RL and he never opened up his sim to public for others to see the beautiful sights.  I felt that if I were to ever have a sim I’d want to be able to share it so everyone could enjoy it with me. I wanted a happy place that would make people smile. With some encouragement of my best friends, I decided to get my own homestead and make it my own.  And so my sim “It all starts with a smile” was born.  You can visit it here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Onyx%20Isle/49/55/22
It’s hard to put into words how Second Life has changed my life but it sure has in many ways.  I have learned so much over the past years here. I found amazing love, true friendships, got hurt and hurt some more, I laughed insanely, I have had tons of goofy good times and I would not have want to miss out on any of it.  If Linden Lab decides to shut down the servers and there would be no more Second Life I know I’d still keep in touch with many amazing people that have truly made a difference in my life. I’d look back and be thankful for all those special moments.

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