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Hello, my name is Morgan Kincess and my SL story is a bit complicated…

I was born the 04th December 2006. A RL friend dragged me here as he wanted to change my mind from some depression I had at the time. The 1st 2 days we went around clubbing as my friend was doing an electronic music live act IRL and in SL.

Part 1 – Real life and SL record label manager

Very quick I had the idea to create an avatar to promote the music label Mote Evolver  I created with UK techno DJ Luke Slater IRL. So the 06th December my record label avatar was born: MoteEvolver2 Jacks. I convinced Luke to join SL to organise the 1st anniversary of our record label in March 2007. We found a club called Alpha Box, that was basically a black box with nothing inside, just a few lights and good techno music. The event made the real world quite curious as SL was a trend in the media in 2006/2007. So we had some promo in the February 2007 editions of RL magazines DJ Mag and International DJ. The picture to illustrate those virtual parties was a picture of my avatar DJing. So after 3 months inworld, I was in a real magazine! And then we did our party. I guess it was a technical disaster event with lots of crashes, sound cutting but in the end people had fun and were just happy to see some famous DJ in this virtual world playing live for them. Video here

One year after we made things a bit bigger for our 2nd anniversary, also for Mote Evolver, but this time with more experience, the party was on 4 sims with the 3 sims broadcasting live video stream of the main sim (the undergrounds of Akeyo shop!). This event was special as some real life DJs joined SL just to be there. I kept them under cover so people had no idea who they were. Except for techno legend the Swedish DJ Cari Lekebusch who was there too and has an inworld public presence as Mantis Oh (Hybrid Productions). Video Mote Evolver 2nd anniversary here

Morgan Kincess Unbalanced

Part 2 – Digital Eyes store and gallery owner

In the meantime, while working on my record label with MoteEvolver2 Jacks, my main avatar Morgan Kincess wasn’t resting at all. I’ve participated in a photo contest for a book for RL Princeton University and earned a few Lindens that allowed me to buy a land and became a shop.

In real life, I use a lot of fans, when I go out clubbing or just to be fresh and have a style 🙂 I always have one in my bag. As I was missing the fashion accessory in SL, I created a shop to sell animated fans, dance fans and hair called Digital Eyes .

Over this shop, I launched an art gallery called Digital Eyes Gallery  to show my RL photography (I was a passionate amateur back then, and became pro since as it’s my job today) and others RL photographers or RL 3D artists. I’ve run the gallery from 2007 to 2008. I must point out that I learned to build inside SL, with amazing mentors like Artoo Magneto, Dave Attenborough and Hern Worsley. And with all I learned, my gallery arrived in the 40 finalists of the 1st SL architecture contest -that resulted in a RL book “Space between people” . And one thing leading to another, that made me become the interior and light designer at Maitreya.

Morgan Kincess The only way is up

Part 3 – RFL engagement

As I started to earn money in SL, I felt something weird: people were buying virtual art for their virtual homes or virtual fashion accessories I made but I was making real money. I felt that this was wrong in a way and that this money should be used to something useful. At this moment a friend of mine died of a disease not very known (cystic fibrosis) and I wanted to start a fundraiser in SL for the association his parents had created. I wrote them an email to explain my goal and to explain them SL (!). Sadly they didn’t get the potential of SL (especially since SL had bad press in France) so they thanked me for the support but refused my proposal to work for them from SL. At that time I also lost 3 uncles of cancer and I found Relay for Life of Second Life (cancer research fundraising event). After doing some research to see if they were trustworthy, I got engaged at RFL of SL for 4 years. I started as team captain for 2 years, then mentor for one year, then International Chair. Awesome human experience but my passion for this cause got me a bit empty…

Part 4 – The escape

Morgan Kincess was working too much, between the gallery, the shop and events linked to the shop like accessory fairs, hair fairs, and all the RFL work so I created an escape avatar called Miyoko Magic for some holiday. But as I’m a workaholic, Miyoko ended creating a shop to sell poses, prefabs and shapes called HelaMiyo .

In parallel, Morgan Kincess started to work as inworld manager for Cari Lekebusch RL record label Hybrid Productions inworld. In 2010 we made a huge party for the release of his new album “State of the art”. Video here

Morgan Kincess classic fan


6 intense years inworld have changed my real life. All the adventures, all the projects all linked to RL, all the people I met in SL that I met after IRL. 2 years ago a RL German fashion magazine came to interview me to tell my story and make the link between my SL and RL. But all I just told you in this story, I’ve always stayed quite discreet about it and usually keep it for me.

All that matters for me now is that I feel way better than when I entered SL 6 years ago and I owe that to all the people I met in SL. They have saved my life, really.

And as intense as sounds my Second Life, well my real life is just the same 🙂

Digital Eyes:


Digital Eyes Gallery: (not active since 2008)


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