LiquidH3ll Carter


LiquidH3ll Carter

Now, this is a blogpost all about how
My sLife got flip-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute and log in right here
And I’ll tell you how I derezzed my fancy new hair


On Orientation Island, goin’ through a noob phase
In the sandbox was where I spent most of my days
Laggin’ out, trollin’, patrollin’ da ‘hood
and ejectin’ them griefers up’n’ my face all rude
When a couple of guys who shouted out “Fool!
Mesh strands’ where it’s at to be really cool!”
I got that one li’l tip that I’m fashion-impaired
And said “You’re droppin’ dat LM or ya TP’n me there!”


I searched and shopped for stores, day after day
But my inventory sucked, no matter what I paid
I got me some Exile and then I got me some Truth
I put my new digs on before I wasted all my youth

En masse, yo I’m the fad
Thinkin’ I’m’a stylin’ up like all them Flickr ads
Is this what the avvies of SL dressin’ like?
Hmmmmmm…. it’s worth the lag spike

Max-Con-current-Threads cranked up to fifth gear
Shot over nine thousand and I let out a cheer
If anything I could say, mesh beats out sculpt spheres
But I thought “Man, my PC’s really heatin’ its rear!”

I pulled outta the sim before it’s too late
But I lagged out like crazy – the grid is such a hater!
I looked at my avvie; the scalp was finally bare
And that’s how I derezzed my fancy mesh hair…

Competition – Submit a Vocaroo/Soundcloud of you rapping the above to me in a private Plurk and I will give you TWO Alice Project Collections HUDs of your choice (worth L$1,000 each) to the submitter of the best one. (

Obligatory Bio
I am a relatively long-time resident of Second Life, friendly troll, graphic designer and occasional content creator. I also work as a manager for Alice Project mesh hairs inworld, but never when Alice wants me to. In RL, I’m a 26-year-old puppy-fanatic Kiwi (Noo Zillinduh) and I have a background in corporate IT and project management. I also host, maintain and service multiple Second Life blogs on behalf of their owners (often hilariously against their wishes). You can stalk me at the following places:

SL Marketplace: (sort by date desc for mesh)

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