Roxi Bluewood

Roxi ( C365 )In a big world is very difficult to put a label on a person, I am sometimes stunned by me when I find a new nature, a new personality, a new feature that I wasn`t aware I got it before. In some circumstances in life you are asked to describe yourself but how can you do that honestly? Naturally you will want to say only good stuff about you, cause who wants to be known as a person with lots of flaws?

Well it might sound stupid but I love flaws, this are the only things that can make a difference on someone’s character. All my life I was wondering what talent do I have, what are my strong points, what is my meaning in life. At 22 years old I still didn`t figured out if I am good at something but I must say I discovered most of my flaws: I am a lier, sometimes a good one, I make bad things wich hurts the most people I actually love, when I find a weak spot I can take advantage of that, I manipulate.
Roxi ( C 365 )
I have an evil nature which I am fighting with everyday, but the thing is in the same time I am merciful,it hurts me when someone is hurt, I love, I like, I want to take care. Sometimes I think I have an artist soul but without having an actual talent trough which I can show my tormented mind.
I am a dreamer, I want to do all and nothing, I want to have friends and be alone, I want to love and to hate. Second life has given me a place were I can be alone because I want to and a place were I feel alone and I don`t want. Real life is busting my ass with too much expectations, I was never prepared to face an adult life, I am still struggling to embrace and I am scared.
If only I could say exactly what is on my mind … The truth is I don`t know english as much as I would like to know, and I am not a writer to be creative with words. Sometimes I feel so good when I write what I feel and sometimes you will find a random post about my struglings on my fashion blog .
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A short memory about my first day in sl:  I remember a guy told me I have pretty bag and shoes and asked me were did I get those, I was so naive I didn`t realize he was making fun of my noob look and very confident I told him I have them from my inventory !

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