Bouncer Criss

Book of Eli

I sat in a hotel room in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania bored to tears.  It was snowing so bad, the job I was in Pittsburgh to do was on hold, so we all sat around in our rooms with a whole lot of nothing to do.  I noticed over a few days, my roommate was playing some type of game, so I got curious and asked him what game it was.  The game was Second Life, and little did I know, my online experience was change.

I caught a taxi to the nearest Best Buy, purchased a not so expensive laptop (which SL fried in a matter of months), downloaded Second Life, and Bouncer was born.  The next 48 hours where a blur, I seriously think I stayed up for two days straight playing, only to take breaks for food and coffee from the machine in the lobby of the hotel.

One Step Closer

The early days was a lot of roaming, running around the grid trying to win contest money at various clubs, camping, and just a lot of goofing off.  A few times over the years real life got busy, so I’ve had to take some breaks, but I always end up coming back.

Five years later, many hours of playing a virtual DJ, hours upon hours of playing dress up and taking blog pictures, great friends, I still love logging on as much as I did that first day.


Bouncer Criss

Joined SL: Feb 15th, 2008

DJ for over two years, currently DJs on Thursdays 6-9pm, and Sundays 8-10am at Ambrosia Dance Club

Blogger since April 2011

I like long walks on the beach, snuggling, soft kisses on the neck, and candlelit dinners.


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