Charisma Jonesford

It’s Valentine’s Day. To many people this is a special day of the year to spend an extra romantic moment with their significant other. The only guy I’ve spent Valentine’s Day with is two years old and likes to grab my butt. Two years ago today I took this job as a live in nanny for twins and worked my first full day of 11 hours with them. That first day was so scary. The twins were only two months old at the time and had been born six weeks premature. They weighed about six pounds apiece. I remember checking on them every fifteen minutes during their naps to make sure they were still breathing. They cried a lot, especially Claire who had reflux and was constantly spitting up. But I did make it through that first day.

Char 1

Things are different today. The twins are two years old and have different needs and cause me different worries. My job is hard and stressful but as much as I get aggravated or complain I wouldn’t change a thing. I love them too much. We spend almost 12 hours a day together so they feel like my own.

Where does Second Life come into all this? Charisma is my very first avatar. She’s five years old and after college I put her away and gave SL a break for over two years. I actually planned on never coming back. But a little over a year ago I found that I was extremely bored. The twins were still napping a solid two times during the day and I was chewing up books like crazy and running out of crochet patterns. Young kids mean you are housebound a lot so I decided to install SL again and see what was going on.

Char 2

And so I came back to SL and discovered that things were vastly different, especially with the implementation of mesh. At first I was just roleplaying a lot and spending time with a few key friends. Then I discovered the world of fashion and taking pictures for blogging. So in March of 2012 I started my very own blog. I have no idea what I was thinking at the time. I didn’t know any other bloggers and basically had no clue what I was doing. But I needed a creative outlet that didn’t involve me needing a ton of materials. I read a few tutorials and taught myself how to use Photo Shop. And here we are almost a year later and I’m still blogging.

Over this past year of blogging and playing SL I’ve cultivated a lot of great relationships with people from around the world. I have pretty severe panic disorder and it’s affected me since I was baby. It makes it very hard to socialize in RL. While I do have friends in RL they don’t hold a candle to people I’ve met in SL. My SL friends are always there at the drop of a hat when I have a panic attack whether it’s in world, on Plurk, Skype or even the phone. This has helped me deal better with the attacks and over this past year I’ve had fewer visits to the ER than any other time in my life.

cahr 3

So what does the future hold for me in SL? I have no clue. I’m taking things one day at a time. Somehow I still find time to blog between diaper changes and tantrums. People ask me how I do it and my only answer is I just do. I’m sure life will change, that’s what life does. But for now I’m just a nanny who finds creativity and friendship in SL. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

MY BIO- Charisma Jonesford has been a member of SL since December of 2007. She has her own blog at and has been an active blogger since March of 2012. Charisma lives in Connecticut and spends her days taking care of toddler twins.


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