Autumn Amaranth


How did I get here?  Two years and four months ago I was in the most trivial conversation that changed my life in a curious way.  I have always been a gamer at heart, and I still connect with friends across the continent once in a while for Dungeons and Dragons or Vampire or some other dice laden adventure that leaves us giggling or arguing or anything in-between.  So my friend says, I need to go on Second Life to DM something for a friend.  Of course sparks me in to saying, what is Second Life?  Who would have dreamed that innocent little question would leave me falling down such a vast rabbit hole?

Ten minutes later I have an account, this wretched appearing avatar that I thought was simply adorable and away I went into my adventure.  I do not know what kept me coming back at first.  They never stayed but I did.  I was one of those rare lucky people that stumbled in to a club and my hand was taken and I was made over and taught what an alpha was and how to resize things by some very lovely people that I still keep in touch with today.

Where It's At

I never knew what my calling would be.  I tried to learn so many things, but designing and scripting and such eluded me.   SL Photography however, now that kept pulling me back, challenging me, and giving me something I really enjoyed.  I really enjoy capturing those moments from a place that was an escape from the day to day grind of things.

Two years and four months later I have done all the things I never thought I would do, said I would not do and so on.  I vowed I would never sink real money in to SL.  I swore I would never adopt children.  And I would most certainly never ever rent land.  What have I gained though?

I have gained perhaps some of the most amazing friends in my life.  We may be pixels on a screen but we are so much more than that with the connections we make across the grid.  I have gained siblings, family, friends, role play partners and so much more.  Each has touched my life in their own unique way.

pour some sugar

Bio:  Autumn Amaranth is a blogger, photographer and role player in Second Life.  Sister, mom, daughter and lover of things cute and fuzzy she is often tucked away on a platform with her nose in photoshop but never shies away from an IM saying hello.  Still young by way of comparison to others on SL she can often be seen doing things like rezzing skyboxes on her posterior.



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