Veridian Frog


How did you meet your friend in Tennessee?
From the inside out.
Isn’t that how friends are supposed to get to know each other.
I know their struggles and successes like I know their favorite song.
I talk to them for hours about nothing and everything.
They’ve held me up and I’ve been their rock.
They are not virtually my friends, they are truly my friends.
They call my phone, text, email, skype.
Several of the closest people in my life have never graced my doorstep.
But do they need to when they live within my heart.
I’ve been in SL for over 5 years. I came here for the conversation, I stayed to be a best friend, part of a family, a creator, and a part of something bigger than myself.
I will continue to stay as long as these feelings hold true.
The things I still do, and enjoy, in SL today are visiting with new and old friends, digital art, and creating animations.

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