Alicia Chenaux

I always tell people I got my island in the divorce.
It’s true, in a way, only it wasn’t my divorce.  In 2008, my partner needed to leave Second Life for a while to get some real life things in order, but before he left, he told me he wanted me to take his island.  I’d never really owned even just my own parcel before, much less an entire sim!  I was very worried.  Could I keep up with it? He had renters who had been there for years. Would they stay with me? He told me that the renters basically paid for the entire island, but if it was a big concern, I could always get a few more renters and that would handle it. But what if his renters left? What if no one wanted to rent from me? I wouldn’t be able to afford it on my own. I hesitated taking it but in the end, I couldn’t resist.  My own island?  Well, hey, let me give it a shot!
It was hard the first few months. His renters left within a month and despite telling me that it wasn’t ME, I couldn’t help but feel like it was. Some of my new renters were flaky when it came to paying rent and I didn’t want to confront anyone about it. I barely changed anything because I thought eventually he’d come back and ask for the island back.  In fact, I almost counted on it.
But as he and I fell apart, everything else came together.  My island became my sanctuary. I asked many people many many questions, and got a ton of great advice.  I began terraforming, starting with smashing down my ex-partner’s favorite hill. [Oh, that felt good!]   We started changing the terrain for the seasons.  I brought in new renters who were happy and excited to be there, along with being amazing at landscaping and home building.  Even more surprising, I had a waiting list of people who actually wanted to live there!  We held amazing parties and crazy impromptu gatherings. One of my renters offered a friend a skybox and we giggled for hours watching him bring multiple women in and out of the skybox all night long.  People would stop by just to walk around or have a quiet place to sit.  We held our beautiful wedding there and I cannot imagine that there would have been a better place for it.
Even though I had lived in many places in Second Life before, both alone and with others, I felt like I’d finally found everything I’d been looking for in that one sim – I’d found a real home.
As I look forward to the 5th anniversary of my getting the sim, I think of a quote that I love: “Bloom where you are planted.”  Maybe I didn’t intend on being planted where I was, but I feel like I have bloomed there, and will continue to do so until the end.
Alicia Chenaux is a land owner/DJ/blogger who writes too much about nothing most of the time. She blogs on both her personal and fashion blogs and is a dedicated Plurker.  Her naughty alter ego is a SLuicide Girl, although an extremely lazy one. She is a wife and sister and hopes to expand her family this coming year.  Alicia can usually be found at her home on Bluebonnet, moving furniture around, and not wearing shoes.

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